Stained glass windows

I’m creating stained glass windows for an outdoor prayer chapel. I cut the frames with a laser from 1/4" acrylic. All of the glass was cut with a Wazer using the same cut files as the acrylic. I used 2 layer of acrylic for strength. I offset the cuts 1/8" bigger on the back sheet. Glued the two sheets together then dropped the glass pieces in from the back and sealed with silicone.


Nicely done. Nice wood work as well.

Hi guys
This too is my first stained glass project, it took two tries to get the pieces right.

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Very nice work. What size is it?
I have tremors in my hands so the soldiering is difficult for me but you have inspired me to give it another try. What amount of offset or margin between the pieces did you allow?

I encourage you to try a smaller piece, dont worry about perfection do what makes you happy.
No offset applied, just cut on line but experiment with smaller piece first.
The size of this moth is 24”x 18”.
Happy cutting.