Stained Glass Ornament

Finding a gorgeous piece of stained glass that I needed to have, resulted in a holiday ornament gift.

I had to create an arbitrary constraint for the project because… well you know every personal project needs them, even when things are intended to be creative art pieces. So i decided to make a 3D design that would make the most of the piece of glass I had so as to minimize the scrap of the beautiful material. I believe there is a formal name for patterns that are cut where there is no waste (ie. inner or outer material that winds up being scrap), but i forget… anyone?

Anyways see a few shots of the making of the ornament gift:

The Individual pieces ready for foil and solder:

And the Final Product:

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WOW thats nice ! :heart: it is a hanger ?

@madebywitteveen.NL yes, it was hung in the front window of the home. I pierced a small hanging hole with the WAZER during the initial cut to be able to hang it (but the finger in the picture is covering it). The only post processing I needed to do was the copper foiling of a few tips and soldering them.

It was my first stained glass piece and learned a ton from this quick project.

great man! are you in USA ?

Awesome design and final product! What settings did you use to cut?