Would Bleach hurt anything in the tank?

I did a full clean out a while back, and i’m seeing mold like growth in the tank. Would a small amount of bleach hurt any of the components? I’m thinking a small bleach bottle cap full every so often might keep this mold from developing.

Hey DT! Using Bleach (or other chemicals) is highly NOT recommended. The metal posts and fittings that hold the cut bed to the tank are made of stainless steel. Chemicals introduced into the tank can result in the fittings to corrode and damage the tank at a rapid rate - resulting in weak or broken tank walls at the metal and tank connection points.

Please do not use any chemicals in the WAZER. Instead, to prevent bacteria and growth, we recommend draining the tank and removing the built up debris/abrasive. If the WAZER will be idle for an extended period of time, leave the tank empty and fill it when ready for use.

Ok, no bleach, got it. That’s odd, the stainless hardware is exactly where the mold like growth is focused…

If you have a picture of the growth, I would love to take a closer look! How long has the water in the tank been idle for?

If there is a concern or if you would like to replace the hardware, I can provide replacements free of charge through a support ticket!

I dont think its eating the hardware…

Thanks for sharing the pictures. It appears that this corrosion is coming from aluminum and is not a natural bacteria. Typically this happens when the anodized layer is broken through. Is the water input from your supply acidic or softened with sodium salt? This could be a possible root cause. How long was water idle in the tank?

Resolving the issue entirely would be to replace the hardware holding the cut bed. Support can do this free of charge, but I ask that a request be created through our support system. Submit a ticket here - Support — WAZER | The First Desktop Waterjet.

If you would like to continue using the hardware, I recommend draining the tank of water entirely and removing/cleaning the corrosion with a stiff wire brush. Either way - draining the tank will be required for cleaning or replacement procedures.