WIFI SD Card Support?

Has anyone used a WIFI SD Card in their WAZER??

I’ve seen posts about this on 3d printers, so you can just drop files remotely.

The goal would be to turn this more into a “printer”.
Get my job setup on my laptop, wireless transfer it to the WAZER, and press “start” with a software button, to cut the part I’m after.

(Dovetails into the idea of a SDK/API)

That and full guide/documentation/schematics on the controller box so it can be modified.

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I’ve been watching YouTube videos about this on 3D printers and don’t see why the wazer would be any different. Many are setting it up formatted as fat32 to transfer windows-based Gcode files which is what we would use. This would be great. As our wazer is in the shop next door to where we do the design so being able to send info to the wazer via the network would be cool. Can’t count on the number of times we have had to walk back to shop to get the SD card!!