WAZER customization

Hi you all,
over the past time I updated the machine to make it more fit my needs.


Hey madebywitteveen.NL, welcome to the Forum!

Thanks for sharing the customization you have done to your WAZER. Its very cool to see the changes you have made to improve your workflows around the WAZER!

Could you configure the Siemens LOGO to send a email to remind you when it is time to fill the hopper? What sort of notice does it give you now?

One thing that you may want to consider with the pump box enclosure is that the fan needs to be able to circulate air through the pump box, if your sound deadening is completely enclosed it may cause the motor to overheat during long cuts.

Its awesome to see how you’ve customized the WAZER, anybody else have customizations they can share with us?

Hi, not sure whether the LOGO has those capabilities.
When the machine is running upstairs when I am dining or whatever I keep my iPad with me with the website open en can instantly see what’s going on.
When I don’t react in time the machine stops automatically before the abrasive runs out.

On the backside of the enclosure are ventilation openings and channels.

Thanks !

Is that a red estop button on the top of your machine?

What wifi sd card are you using?

Would love to see where you mounted the sensors and seimens logo console module.

Hi Johns,

Yes that’s a red estop button, yours is different ?
The wifi card is a Toshiba Flashair W03, the W03 is important! older versions W02 or W01 do not work!
You have to set the card in a specific way to make it work properly!

Flashair Wifi SD card setup and drive mapping – User mods - OctoPrint, enclosures, nozzles, … – Prusa3D Forum (prusaprinters.org)

The LOGO is mounted in an enclosure on the wall, the sensor is aprox 3 inches from the bottom abrasive opening which gives you roughly 10 minutes of cutting after the sensor isn’t covered un the abrasive.

The sensor is an fiber system by BANNER:

Fiber Optics (bannerengineering.com)

My dayjob is with an industrial machine builder and we had those lying around without purpose.
But you could create an simple infrared light barrier on the bottom of the abrasive tank ?!