SD card recommendation

Has anyone found a reliable SD card (brand, flavor, size) that consistently works? I’ve tried several and formatted them to the specs Wazer has in the manual, and they don’t work.

I found a 256 meg sd card and it works nicely. The brand is Toshiba. I ordered new sd cards and put a file on it on sd card, and the machine says Use latest wam version to create file. Then doesn’t load file. So I don’t know what that’s about

What size card are you using? It doesn’t like anything over 32gb I think

Hi, did you solve this issue ? Mine starting to give the error ‘use the latest WAM to recreate the file’

I purchased the same disk that came with the Wazer and it works fine so far. Sandisk Ultra SDHC 16GB 80MB/S C10 Flash Memory Card. Inserted the SD into the PC – Choose Drive Tools tab – Format – leave default FAT32 – and check off Quick Format. Take the opportunity to name the disk “Wazer 1”, etc in the Volume Label. The cut files are small, so these small disks are fine. By using more disks helps organize your files. Also - cut files can be organized into folders on the SD card.