Wam software altering design

Having issues importing a file to the wam software. Designed using corel. When Importing to the wam program the design is altered, objects moved out of position and objects distorted.
Exporting from Corel DXF auto Cad 2008-2013 export bitmap as jpeg tried others , gif, png, bmp, and other auto cad versions, still get the same result . Altered file. Any help is appreciated.

@Kingwrench That’s odd. Do you have the same issues when using a CAD program like Fusion 360 or SolidWorks? I would opt for one of those, even though Corel should work just fine. It may be a layer issue, but I can’t know for sure without seeing more specific examples.

We checked for layers, We also own a sign shop so very familiar with corel. I will try Fusion 360 and see if I have the same issues.