WAM Cut Extent Measurements PLEASE!

When I nest some shapes on the WAM virtual cutting surface, a REALLY useful addition would be something that gave the total dimensions, if you don’t fill up the whole bed

Glass sheets are much larger then the bed itself, so the glass has to be cut down and can never nest to fit the bed exactly.

However, when I select all items on the bed, it doesn’t give me the overall dimensions, this would be a really useful tool.

Hi Dawn - the cut extents of the file loaded into WAM can be found in a few different locations:

First is in step 2 of WAM, under Scale and Position. The scale of the file can be increased/decreased and will affect the width and height accordingly. The ratio is locked though, so changing the width but not the height is not possible, and vice versa.

Second place is at step 6 of WAM, under Cut. This gives a brief overview of the resources required to complete the cut. In order to get an overview, the cut quality and material must be selected prior.


When it comes to nesting, manipulating the location of the origin will likely come in handy! The forum post found here goes over what the origin is and how to place it in the ideal location. It can be difficult sometimes due to cut bed condition!

Hi Alex

I don’t get scale measurements in step 2 if I select more than one item

But OMG, I can’t believe I never saw that information in the cut section! I do feel silly :flushed: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thank you for replying, that will be a a massive help for me in future, so I can actually cut the glass the right size (art glass is SO expensive, we don’t want too many offcuts!)

Thanks again Alex,

Hi Dawn. Are you sure? I just added two files to WAM and it showed up right away. You don’t need to select both files, as selecting either one gives the correct info.


Perhaps at cross purposes?

In my original question, I was looking for the cut extents when nesting multiple items in a single cut.

In step 6, it tells me the full cut extent of all the items, which was what I was after (and I still can’t believe I missed

You mentioned Step 2, which I knew about scaling and position, but I thought you were saying that in Step 2, if you selected multiple items, it would give the total size, but it doesn’t do that for me

Maybe I am using the wrong terminology of nested, I thought it meant multiple items sitting together on one sheet, not necessarily inside each other

See attached, when I select both stars, the dimension disappears at step 2 (it does show me at step 6)