Cutting nested items with common sides

When cutting nested rectangles which share common sides is there a tip to cutting the adjacent rectangle without re-cutting the length that is shared? E.g. imagine you had three squares lined up next to each other such that center square shared sides with the square on the left and right (see pic). Is there a way you could cut the left square then the 3 uncut sides of the center square then the 3 remaining sides of the third?

As far as I’m aware, there isn’t a way to control the cut as you would like. You need to be aware that, depending on how they were drawn, each edge of a square has it’s own line, so even though they may appear as one, because the shapes are overlapped, WAM will see two lines to cut.

One option is to draw the shape so the two internal, vertical lines, are slightly shorter, so they don’t touch the large outer rectangle (perimeter). This way the two vertical, internal lines will be cut first and then the outer perimeter will cut-out the 3 squares.

There’s a few other topics discussing WAM control that might help. Here’s a few: -

Hey folks.

Take your Gcode to this site

Here, you can follow the code and see what matching path is being cut.

If you would like to arrange Cut A to follow Cut B for instance, simply swap the lines of Gcode text and then resave it. Load into WAZER and have at it.

This should now put the lines in the cut order you prefer. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

Good luck!


thx for the tip. I’ve use this technique many times on the cnc plasma table since I can modify the cut order, path, start location, etc, via Fusion 360. The Wazer is new so didn’t consider this but will certainly use it.