File/Drawing Help Please


I’m slowly starting to get to know my Wazer after a few shaky starts. And I’ve got the basics of using Inkscpae as suggested by this forum

Previously I’ve always cut ‘stand-alone’ shapes such as stars, or hearts, etc, that you can just nest near each other.

I tried to create a cut file for hexagons, which, in theory should nest together completely - so they’d look like a honeycomb (hope this makes sense)

However, when I created the cut file, I ran the g-code through NCViewer, and noticed that wherever the hexagon sides met, it would cut that dividing line twice?

I know that this will be because I created the file from individual hexagons, but I am not sure how to solve this - I can’t find a way to simply ‘cut’ one line off the hexagon (I think you can do this in coreldraw)

OR is the a way to ‘flatten’ so that any path becomes singular, rather than a double line?

Hoping this makes sense, if someone can point me in the right direction of where to even look to create this

I also want to do a similar thing with triangles (think a row of equilateral triangles, point up, point down, to create bunting) - and thinking if I just butt the triangles against each other, I am going to get a double cut in between each, when only one is necessary.

As I am sure you can tell, I am very much a learner!