Buying files to cut

Newbie here…and dang I am loving this…maybe too much.

Is there anywhere to purchase files that one could enter in their WAM and get cutting on? Or a service that would/could provide files to use?

Thanks in advance.

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Not sure how you are using your wazer. In manufactoring or cutting out shapes in glass or other art forms. If it us art google “free vector files” and you will find tons. If you choose files in dxf format you will have less trouble with the import.

Hey BillyC, glad to hear that your loving the WAZER so far!

The .dxf files used to create the welcome cuts (the test cut files on your SD card) can be found on the downloads section of our website, you can use these to get familiar with WAM! Check out the link below for these downloads.

I hope this helps!

@BillyC , what kinds of designs are you looking for? Randy has great ideas. Are you looking to do more custom designs or regular shapes? Let us know and we can help you figure out where to point to you too a little more in detail