Digitizing Artwork

I’m a designer just getting started with desktop fabrication tools. I have a bunch of hand sketch designs that I would like to get digitized. How can I convert my sketches to cut using the Wazer?

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Hey Argjentina, Welcome, and thanks for joining the WAZER Community Forum! There are a hand full of ways to convert your sketches to files that can be imported into the WAZER. Just curious, what software do you sketch on? I may be able to provide more specific tips/tricks.

In order to create a cut job on the WAZER, you will need to import a .dxf or .svg file into our online based CAM software called WAM (WAZER Assisted Machining). If your sketch is drawn in 2 dimension shapes/outlines, you may have some success simply converting your sketch file into a SVG file using an online website, but this is not recommended and may not work every time all the time.

I recommend opening your sketching software and exporting the file as SVG there. If you would like some more in-depth information, check out the following article!