Vibration Activated Hour Meter

Until Wazer includes a hour tracking algorithm into its software it requires a constant tracking of cut times if you want to accurately track cutting hours and ensure you are following the maintenance schedule. I purchased a $16 vibration activated hour meter on Amazon and mounted it to the pump box to see if it could do the hour tracking job. The meter is most sensitive if mounted on top of the box but I mounted it to the side and it seems to be working great. It is made for gas engines which probably vibrate more than the pump box and likely at different frequencies but so far it appears to be working. I tracked cutting time for 32 minutes and the 1/10th hour meter shows 0.5 which is 30 min. I felt the pump box cover to see where the vibration amplitude seemed the highest and that is where I mounted it using double sided tape. These are sealed and you cant change the battery but are suppose to last years.