Unexpected Shutoff During Cutting

One of the most concerning things to experience with the WAZER is when your in the middle of a cut and the machine just seems to restart itself. Rest assured that this is likely due to a safety feature designed to protect you and your equipment! You may need to reach out to Support to resolve this issue but it most cases we can get you up and cutting quickly.

There are two likely causes of a unexpected shutoff; a component triggering the overcurrent protection in the power supply, or a clogged rear baffle causing the water level in the rear filter put to drop quicker than in the tank.

The Power Supply used in the WAZER has overcurrent protection that will detect when a component is drawing too much current and will cut power to protect the electrical system. When the overcurrent protection is triggered it will result in the WAZER shutting down for a moment and turning itself back on.

The most likely component to cause an overcurrent is the Low Pressure Pumps. To test if this component is causing the shutoff you are experiencing, run the Used Abrasive Collection system from the maintenance menu. This will turn on the Low Pressure Pumps, if the machine shuts off then restarts then we have narrowed down the root cause of this shutoff. Please reach out to Support so we can help resolve this issue!

If the Used Abrasive Collection system does not result in a shutoff it may be one of the other components. Run through all of the output checks on the page below and see if any of them cause the WAZER to restart.

If you are able to identify an overcurrent please reach out to us at support@wazer.com so we can help!

Rear Baffle Clogged
The water level in the tank is critical and the Hi-Kill or Lo-Kill float switches make sure that the WAZER cannot cut if the water level is too low or too high. If the water level triggers either of these switches, the WAZER may either stay shutoff until the water level is adjusted or if your rear baffle is clogged it may turn itself back on after some time.

If the rear baffle between the tank and the rear filter pit becomes clogged with abrasive it will prevent water from freely flowing between these areas. When this occurs the water level in the rear filter pit (where water is drawn from) will drop quicker than intended and may drop low enough to trigger the Lo-Kill switch.

If the water level drops low enough to trigger the Lo-Kill switch the WAZER will shutoff without warning. After some time the water will be able to travel through the clogged baffle and fill up the rear filter pit, allowing the WAZER to turn back on.

To test if this is what is causing your unexpected shutoff, run the Used Abrasive Collection system for several minutes and observe the water level between these areas. See the page below for instructions on testing for this!

If you are able to identify that the rear baffle is clogged, please perform a full tank cleaning and make sure to focus on thoroughly cleaning the baffle wall.

Test Results/Determining Root Cause
The testing procedure for both of these potential causes is the same but the results will help to determine the exact root cause of an unexpected shutoff. If the WAZER shuts down immediately and the water level is equal in all parts of the tank, it is due to an Overcurrent. If the water level in the rear filter pit drops as the system runs and then shuts off with a low level in the filter pit, it is due to a clogged rear baffle.

I hope this helps to get you up and cutting quickly if you run into this problem but if you’re still scratching your head please feel free to reach out to us at support@wazer.com so we can help!