Initial Poor Cut Quality - Multitool.gcode

Hi Guys,

We’ve just completed the initial setup of the water and attempting the Multitool.gcode cut to make sure everything is work, however it is not.

Ran the gcode off the supplied sd card. Cuts the logo well but struggles on the edges.

Update firmware from 1.54 to 2.2 latest.

Ran the same gcode but shifted the origin. Same issue, maybe slightly better but still doesn’t cut the full edge.

Tested the HP side and cleared the abrasive lines, all looks good.

Ran the same gcode but shifted the origin agin. Same issue, definitely a better but still (!) doesn’t cut the full edge.

Any thoughts?

Hey @AgileChris! Thanks for joining the Community Forum.

When experiencing performance issues, there are 2 important factors to check.

  1. Abrasive Flow-rate. If the abrasive flow is too low, it can drastically affect the performance. Please measure your abrasive flow-rate and share the results!

  2. Cutting Head Condition. If the water stream coming from the jewel orifice inside the cutting head is out of shape it will not create the kinetic energy needed to erode/cut the material. Please check the water stream visually and compare it to the reference found in this link. Does your water stream look appropriate?

  3. Pump Box Output Pressure. If the pump box is not generating the correct output pressure, the cut performance will fall. Sometimes a pump in the early stages of set-up takes a few moments of running in order to push all the air pockets out of the system. Please run a “Nozzle Purge” test in the maintenance menu and check the gauge found on the left side of the pump box - is the output pressure reaching the green 4,000psi zone?

HP Pressure Gauge

I look forward to your update - this information will help to verify the system is working and able to cut the welcome material.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the quick response.

Haven’t done a abrasive flow rate test yet, need to borrow some 0.5 gram scales.

The water stream looks good, very similar to the picture.

Pump pressure doesn’t quite seem to hit the green zone, hovers just shy.

Doing a bit of further digging, the sample material is 2.5mm while the gcode is spec’d for 2.0mm. I used the dxf and WAM to recreate the cut with 3.0mm aluminium and it worked well (Except I needed an extra tab to prevent the piece from moving during the cut).

I also cut a 20mm circle in 2.0mm stainless which cut well, although the kerf was smaller than the default, so the hole came in a 19.86mm, so pretty good for first run on stainless.

I think everything is good, but I will check the abrasive rate when I get the chance.