Clicking in pump

Hi I have run into a problem with my new machine. The pump box is clicking and the pressure is jumping. I had a blocked line but that is sorted I did a nozzle purge and all good I also have suction and a good flow from the hopper as soon as the abrasive line is attached at the nozzle the pump box goes nuts any ideas welcome

Hey @Telee! Thanks for joining the Community Forum!

The pump box will generate a 4,000psi output when pushing water through the cutting head. Are you finding this gauge to show a pressure outside of this range? What do you mean when you mention the pump box goes nuts?

My recommendation is to run the “Nozzle Purge” test in the maintenance menu, follow the on-screen prompts, and let us know what the pressure gauge displays on the left side of the pump.

Additionally, the cutting head condition can affect the pressure gauge reading - please run an orifice water stream check to verify the cutting head is in good shape. (Link)

  • What output is the pump box generating? Check the gauge on the left and let us know.
  • Does the orifice water stream match the ideal reference found in the link above?

Hi Alex the support guys have emailed me and I have made my first successful cut. It would appear that there was something going on with the nozzle I have swapped it out now and all is well. There wasn’t any protector on the nozzle when it arrived so I suppose anything could have happened in transit.