HP Pump not working

Did a tank cleaning cycle a few days ago and went to do another before a new project and HP pump will not come on. Sounds like the valve is clicking but no pump. Checked comm wire & seemed okay. There is power to both GFCI’s!! Also checked door magnets. Any ideas???

Thanks for joining the Forum! A pump box power issue can come from a few likely places such as:

  1. GFCI - A green LED is a good sign. Make sure the GFCI is lit up with a green led. However, it is also important to check the test and rest functions on the GFCI. Sometimes a green led can be a false positive.

  2. Signal Cable - Double check the length of the signal cable wire for any damage, pinches, or kinks that could affect the wiring. Re-seating the connector at the back of the pump is a good way to inspect the wire prongs and re-align the white dots while tightening the blue retaining nut until snug.

  3. White Fuse - The white button on the back of the pump box acts as a fuse for over-current. If this fuse has tripped, it will stick out further than normal. Are you able to press the white fuse button in?

I hope this information is helpful! After looking into all 3 of these states, please run a “HP Pump” output check to make sure the motor in the pump box is able to kick on. Is the power issue resolved?