How to calculate cutting costs

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Does the Wazer always use the same amount of abrasive, no matter what it is cutting? Does it just vary it’s speed of cut, depending on material?

So a ten minute cut uses X amount of abrasive, a twenty minute cut would use twice as much? Is it that straight forward?

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You are on the right track! The abrasive system lets out an average of 140 grams per minute. You can measure the abrasive flow-rate of your system at any time by following these instructions! The flow-rate should remain constant, as long as it is within the ideal range of 130-150 g/min. If required, a larger or smaller abrasive orifice can be installed in the hopper to hit that ideal flow-rate. The spares are located in the black tool kit!

When cutting different materials or different thicknesses, the only variable that changes is time. Generally, if the material is thicker or more dense, it will take more time to pierce and need to move slower in order for the cut to be clean.

As a quick rule of thumb, you can likely rely on the 10 minutes = x and 20 minutes = 2x, but there are a lot of other variables such as how many pierces are there, size/length of the pathing, etc. To help with these cut time and abrasive usage estimates, the WAM software will share a look into these during the final step of WAM!


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