Excess piercings

I have a file that has text in it. I have made it in Rhino Each stencil type text element is a single curve. I have checked for redundancy and open curves and there are none. WAM makes a file with hundreds of piercings all within .03" of eachother. In the first file when i noticed this there are something like 1240 piercings all close together. I counted the number of 1 second dwell codes and subtracted the number of actual piercings to get this number so there could be a few dwells that are not piercings but not any big part of the 1240

I have tried many different tests including one of just 4 characters and the same thing happens. I can edit out the extraneous BS but WAZER will void my warranty if I edit the gcode.

Anyone have an idea how to avoid this? It does not happen with simple shapes and I recently cut a file with text and did not remember this problem then. That was about a week or so ago. Now everything with text is completely screwed up. It would take me about half the time to do unnecessary piercings as the whole cut time wasting a lot of time and abrasive. I did a test with just four simple squares and no text and the BS piercings do not happen. I then repeated with a very simple line of text and the same BS piercings