Cutting Closed Cell Expanded PolyStyrene

Hi Wazer Group.

  • I am cutting 1" closed cell expanded polystyrene (XPS) on the wazer - to make Kitting Materials ( We keep our builds VERY Organized and have individual kits for each module/assembly that we build).

  • I have found that I can disconnect the garnet, and cut the XPS with just water pressure alone.

  • BUT - I then catch the garnet that is dispensed in a cup (I set the material to 1/16" neoprene).

  • I tried writing a help ticket to see if they can make a setting that does not use garnet - but their response system closed the ticket without any response.

Love the unit, love the capability of the Wazer - The web based software needs a bit of improvement (I think the email based help desk might need some work too)


Hey CNC-Joe,

Sorry we didn’t get back to you through our Support Email, your message must have gotten caught by our spam filter for some reason. If you are ever unable to reach us through email, give us a call at 856-666-0458 between 9am-5pm EST!

If you are cutting well using water-only cutting, we recommend disconnecting the abrasive system so that it does not open the pinch valve or run the vibration motors when abrasive is not needed. Steps 1 and 2 on the page below will go over how to disconnect these components.

I hope this information helps!

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Thank You - Very Much - Greg!

I did find some additional information in Alex’s response to another individual:

“Great question! Interestingly enough, when working with foam like material we have found that cutting without abrasive works pretty well. The water pressure is enough to pierce and cut the foam. If you would like to test this, simply disconnect both wire connectors underneath the abrasive drawer and perform a test cut. Also, keep the abrasive hose removed from the cutting head to prevent any potential backflow.”

We really are enjoying all of the functionality of the Wazer, and I am principally responsible for it as a part of Engineering Services portion of my job…

Love the forum here - as it will give the community a chance to exchange and build on each others knowledge.


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  • I can see myself having to do a lot of foam cutting - and not using the garnet.
  • Therefore, I would be opening the wiring harness up a good bit, and that’s not optimal for the connector.
  • Would it be possible to have the supplier and part numbers of the connectors - so that I could build and patch in an “On/Off” switch ?

Thank you for your help.

Joe Comunale
Troy, Michigan