Custom Bicycle Bash Guard

This was just a quick project to simplify the bash guard for my mountain bike. These are used to make up for my lack of skill in protecting my chain ring from rock strikes. The adapter that came with my bike used a rounded spline to attach to my bike. My goal was to make a part that connected that to the sacrificial piece of plastic that is the bash guard. The first step was to scan the existing part.

Initially I was going to just sketch over the image but the profile was simple enough I could just measure it to create a single spline.

I then patterned that to complete the circle.
From there it was just a matter of adding the bolt pattern from the guard and adjusting the spacing to just clear my chainring.

The completed project after a lot of testing. I have hit it quite a few times and it has held up. If I ever crack the guard I will just cut another out of polycarbonate.


What scanner did you use? We currently use EinScan.

So we just have a Brother MFC multifunction printer. It’s not the really the best tool for the job but it is usually enough for creating a scan that I can trace over. What you have is a far better tool in general but for simple stuff a basic flat bed scanner can make for a very quick workflow

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