Bee Hive Jewelry Set

Valentine’s day a couple years ago I needed a gift and wanted to try making something myself. My idea was to use one generic cad model to create all of the pieces. While a well made parametric cad model is a thing of beauty not everyone want to receive one as a gift. So I had to actually make it. I like the way a hexagon gives a lot of freedom with shapes and contours; the same pattern could work for a ring, bracelet, and a necklace. The ring and the bracelet were straight forward to design but the necklace was much trickier as the ultimate bend profile was pretty funky.

I used blanked out cells to add a bit of visual variety to make things a bit less boring.

I took the removal of cells to a bit of an extreme with the necklace, by fully removing cells. This also allows me to create direction in which the material will prefer to bend.

Once everything was finished I polished it all up using a palm sander. I think everything tuned out pretty well and made for a well matched set.


haha, if only a good parametric model would be appreciated as a gift!

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Thanks for sharing @cmoore! What was the most difficult piece of this project?

Also, how was the ring and necklace pressed/formed? It looks remarkably smooth and gradual. You did a fantastic job in the post-process.

Impressive. A clever, creative solution — executed extremely well. I look forward to seeing more of your work on this forum.

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Is that Brass or Titanium? If it’s brass, what were your settings?

Thanks all, I used brass as I find it polishes up really easily and ends up with a nice color. I think I used a piece of pipe that was around as a form and then used a body work hammer and a block of wood to work it into shape. @goodkarmachicken I was lazy and just used the copper settings for the same thickness and then increased then just cut speed by using the coarse setting. Brass cuts a little easier than copper so this yielded a fine/medium results.

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