Wankel Rotory Cufflinks

For you car guys out there: Wanting an appropriate accessory while driving my RX7, I wound up ripping the guts out of a set of boring cufflinks that had a nice outer Wankel rotor shape. Cutting two simple shapes out of copper and one out of stainless , I created an appropriate cufflink to wear on any backroads cruise… now if only my tracksuit had cuffs… time to go sew that


These are awesome, really cool that you were able to find cufflinks with a perfect shape and upcycle them! Adds a nice touch of class and is surely a great conversation piece.

What did you use to secure the gears inside of the cufflink?

It would be so cool to see a before (boring guts) and after (Wankel Rotary) shot of these cuff links. I am sure it is such an improvement!

the fit was pretty spot on into the housing so i just lightly filed the outer perimeter of the pieces until it was a snug press fit into the housing. For added security and before pressing things into place, i put a dab of epoxy on the outer edge where you can’t see things anyways.

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