Gated Shifter Plate

Hey everyone! First time poster but long time WAZER user here! I created a gated shift plate out of carbon fiber on the WAZER for my Pontiac Fiero. It look a lot of dialing in to get the measurements perfect and carbon fiber is a bit difficult to cut without the proper settings since it will delaminate on you very quickly, but I’m very satisfied with the result! The machine handled the fine details of the gear numbers perfectly without blowing any of the back out, but it took a bit of playing around in CAD to make sure the width of the numbers were large enough for WAM to recognize and fit the kerf in. I machined a custom shift knob from aluminum and laser engraved the top of the knob with the Fiero logo to top it all off.


Have you broken off any of the little tabs yet? I would have used aluminum for durability.


No I haven’t. Even with some torture testing, none of them have broken off yet with the 3mm thickness. The 2mm thick ones broke quite easily, but I guess that extra mm gave it enough strength