Car Speaker Bracket

I have an old 1991 MR2 that I wanted to replace the old blown out speakers with some decent ebay specials. Unsurprisingly they didn’t fit so I used the Wazer to create an exact copy of the OEM Toyota bracket fitted for the modern speakers.

The original, time to get to measuring

The test fit

Perfect fit!

More of the same with the door speaker


Thank you for sharing! And welcome to the WAZER Community Forum! I know for a fact that getting your hands on 1991 parts for ANY car, let alone the MR2, is next to impossible. The finished product here came out looking great!

I need to know - how does the speaker sound? You must have had a song in your head when getting ready to test out the speakers for the first time! What was it? :microphone: :musical_note:

Very cleanly done! I’m sure the disintegrating '91 speaker cones were satisfying to replace.

Could you also cut the sound/vibration dampening material between bracket and door frame?

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I guess that is the neat thing about the Wazer, I actually did that. If you zoom in on the 4th picture you can see I created a rubber isolating gasket. It was just so easy to make from the drawings I already had I forgot to mention it.