Say Hi to you all


Hi WAZER world, the creativity flows en every direction! that’s for sure!
Here are some of my projects:

Tiny glass letters for an local artist:

Custom drain cover for the shower

Mosaic out of bathroom tiles. The white frame is a tool to fit and position 9 tiles in the machine

Stand for ancient stone axe

and many many more :slight_smile:

Is there anyone from the Netherlands in this forum ??

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@madebywitteveen.NL I really like your idea of doing a custom shower drain cover. Definitely an overlooked daily touchpoint that I think I would appreciate having be customized… sometimes its just the little touchpoints that can get the day started or ended on the right foot.

Hi @madebywitteveen.NL and welcome to the Forum! Thank you for joining and sharing these projects :smiley: I am a big fan of the mosaic cut-outs and the easy loading white frame tool. We have quite a few WAZERs operating in the Netherlands, and hope that more users from all over join soon!

Thanks Alex ! How are you?

What did you guys decide to start this forum? Less confidence in FB ? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Nice day


I am doing great! Happy New Year to you!

This is a great question - essentially it boils down to something the team has wanted to create for a long time - A space for all WAZER users and interests to come together. The Facebook Usergroup was established and managed by someone outside of the team and has a great community behind it. We don’t want to step on that community’s toes and we hope it continues to grow and see activity.

This new and dedicated forum allows us to enable the community to grow in any direction the users want. The Facebook social space does not enable that unfortunately, and is bound to the limits of Facebook. If you have any feedback or requests regarding the forum, please create a topic in the #feedback category. I will happily look into it further :smiley:

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