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Hello! My name is Alex, and I am a member of the WAZER Support team! I was brought onto the team at the end of 2020, and have been working with its users and community closely since then. I am very excited to see what the community brings to this Forum!

What am I most excited about? Well, that would be viewing the projects that the community shares. One of my favorite personal projects is the re-creation of my father’s boat through cut glass on the WAZER. Below is a picture of the completed project. I made two so I could share one with my Dad, while keeping a copy for myself at my desk.

The piece as a whole is super simple, but means a lot to me. I grew up fishing, swimming and boating every weekend during the summer, and this cut-out reminds me of those times. :sun_behind_small_cloud: :fishing_pole_and_fish:

If you are brave enough to introduce yourself, I encourage you to do so by replying! Let us know your name and why you are excited about the Forum!

I also welcome the lurkers of the internet to stay comfortable by not replying. Anyone who reads this post is appreciated and I hope you find your own place among the community!


My name is Brendon. I semi-retired a couple years ago and try to fill my time with creative endeavors. In the last couple years I’ve acquired a Wazer, a 3D printer, a laser cutter, and soon will be getting a CNC router. Having a blast!

Last year, my daughter realized her dream of becoming a professional video game developer. For Christmas, I made her a knife from the game she is working on. She cried and hugged me. Happy dad :slight_smile:

This photo shows the knife I made using the Wazer on top of a screen grab from the video game.

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Hello! My name is Mark. Will be retiring in a few years so looking to expand my hobby into a part time business we bought the Wazer.

To generate the svg files I use Inkscape. It really works well and there are many YouTube videos to help the learning process.

We have made hundreds of different items. Some as simple as four piece seagulls

to 3d flowers

To larger panels

I really enjoy taking a picture of something and making it out of glass. I have done friends dogs, cars etc. Not every picture can convert but it is really neat to give a custom item. The Wazer allows that to happen.

We did a couple artisan shows. Birds seem to sell the best.

I watched the video on the Wazer website about the Glass Underground, after my wife and I visited (a couple of times). Meryl has an awesome store. I highly recommend you visit them if ever in there area.

I am far from an artist but this helps me feel like one.




My name is William and although I have yet to have anything to share, I did purchase my Wazer at the end of 2021 and I have been working to get a nice marble heart to cut cleanly so I can inlay it in a wood design we are working on. :slight_smile:

I work in Aerospace and have been around large industrial manufacturing machines for over 25 years and I am overjoyed that we finally have the ability to manufacture items on a small scale in our little shop. We sell items via Etsy at this time and can’t wait to see how far we go. We have 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, Shaper Origin, GoliathCNC, custom CNC/mill, and other tools. I enjoy making, but finding the time is a bit tough. :slight_smile:


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