Constant Close Door Error

A common issue I have seen within the WAZER Support Team is the “Close Door” error message being received when the door is closed. Why is this?

This issue is typically due to a misalignment between the door sensor, and the magnet required to trigger the sensor. Sometimes this magnet can shift if the door is opened or closed forcefully. Open the door and find the magnet located in the trim.

Readjust the magnet so it is close to the outside edge, but still located in the trim. Close the door and test the sensor in the “Input Check” menu. If the test is unsuccessful, adjust the magnet so it sits further into the trim (approximately 0.5in) and perform the test again.

Please also be aware that there is another sensor and magnet system on the left side of the door. Make sure this magnet and door sensor are aligned to enable the HP Valve function. The article found here will provide in-depth information!

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