Built a Tesla valve

One day @Shuhuan told me what a Tesla valve is, it looks so special and has its own beautify. It’s possible to make one with WAZER cutting so I gave it a try.

The photo above shows the design idea: a 3mm thick base plate, a 5mm thick middle plate and a 3mm thick acrylic cover.

The small pieces for the internal structure are too small, almost impossible to connect them with screws. Instead, 1.6mm stainless pins are used. I noticed if you draw a 2mm hole in the drawing, WAM will basically pierce a hole there, so I use this as a feature for pin connection.

Tapped M3 threads on both sides to fill garnet abrasive.

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That is amazing. Can’t wait to see if it can stop the abrasive or water from backflowing.

It would also be cool to use colored fluid and showcase the flow pattern.