AtomKeybOR'd Programming Shortcuts

Hey everyone, Jason here with what I’ll assume is the first project here in the Wazer community.

This project is called the AtomKeybOR. As AtomSoftTech is my company name and it’s a Keyboard in the shape of a OR gate.

Hence the name AtomKeybOR’d

The function of the keys are from left to right …
Select All, Copy, Paste, Select Line & Select None

These shortcuts are great for programming and has helped saved a ton of time.

The top portion is glass cut out on the Wazer. I could have opted for plexiglass but I felt glass adds that little extra class to it.

I used the Adafruit QT Py as my main controller and programmed it via Arduino IDe for simplicity.

I went through a few prototypes before getting it right. All test where done in plexiglass as it was available and I would not have to worry about it breaking during testing.

The final outcome was great in my opinion and I’d love to make a wireless version next.

I wouldn’t be able to cut the glass any other way. Using a Wazer machine allowed me to get the exact size and internal cuts.


Wow - Thanks so much for sharing! I had no idea what an OR gate is, and the concept you have here is so cool!

Not going to lie, I am in love with how clean the stand-off glass is. I’d like to make a recommendation for the wireless version you are thinking about - add RGB lights in order to sell it to the Gaming market! :sunglasses:

Thanks Alex. I actually already ordered some RGB LEDs from AliExpress. Nice tiny 2020 sized.

Next version will definitely use them. Since it will be wireless I’ll consider pwm on the LEDs as to save power. Will also have to learn. A bit about sleep states. Will be fun.

I might change the V2 to another gate symbol slightly… well for the change I’ll engrave the glass on the bottom round portion to mimic a XOR gate. Not sure yet but it’s just an idea.

Thanks again. I will be posting more in the coming weeks. Hope I can inspire or just entertain people with some cool Wazer projects.

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@AtomSoftTech Super clean project, seems like a thing you can sell on etsy!

A small design suggestion: get some low pro fasteners (button heads). The big socket head cap screws distract a little from the shape.

That rev 2 will be way better. I got my hands on some counter sink bits. I plan on making the it look smoother. To hold the glass down I was thinking of epoxy adhesive for M3 or m2.5 threaded spacers/standoffs. So I can screw them from bottom and have it smooth.

Also buy some thin rubber feet. Those I had laying around. The middle layer would be 2 parts… 1/8 or 1/4 in wood. Laser cut tho . It’s going to be cool.

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Really cool. What glass cutting setting did you use? Thanks!