About the Tips & Tricks category

If you have a trick that helps you maintain your WAZER or a safe shortcut to establishing a good workflow, we highly recommend sharing it here.

This category should be saved for anything that follows the problem category. Topics such as:

  • A helpful preventative maintenance workflow.

  • A resolution to a common issue. Build and adapt to that resolution - Is this resolution the best that it can be?

  • A unique tool or prop used regularly.

Please note and remember -

  • Not everyone has access to the same tools or strengths. Just because a trick works in your experience, does not mean it is guaranteed to work with everyone or every time.

  • Under no circumstance should a tip involve ignoring or contradicting the User Manual. The User Manual should be considered law for operating the WAZER safely and successfully.

WARNING - In the event of ignoring the User Manual and following unsupported advice found here, your Warranty and Support Services can be void. Damage to your WAZER, environment, or injury/death to the user is possible. Please be careful when exercising the advice found here - you will be fully responsible for the outcome.