About the Projects category

A place to showcase finished goods, cut ideas, future projects, fun/complex designs, and discuss your creations with the community!

Thank you very much for sharing a project with the community! With the WAZER being able to cut almost anything, the possibilities are nearly endless. That can be a blessing or a curse. With so many possibilities - where do you even begin? We recommend taking a look through this category in order to get the creativity flowing or help jump start an upcoming project! Get some helpful feedback in return!

If you are looking for a project to practice or build with the WAZER, check out some official WAZER designed projects here!

Please Note - By posting a file or design to the Forum, you agree to the following:

  • When sharing a .gcode file, it must have been generated in WAM. Using a gcode file outside of the WAM workflow will void your Warranty and Support services.
  • The file or design is of your own making. You are the exclusive owner of the work shared.
  • You grant anyone with access to the Forum permission to use a copy of your shared work. This includes modifying the work and creating physical objects.

Please respect other’s work by asking for permission to use work that is not your own. If your intention is for financial gain or indirect compensation, the original owner will need to give you rights to do so. Please review the Terms of Service if you have any questions.