WAM Enhancement Wish List

Cut order preview button or slider.

  • Allow us to see cut order before exporting GCode to save time/steps if there is a problem.
    <slider cut preview example>

Checkbox to enforce SVG draw order to cut order.

  • Allows us to drag and drop SVG files with a specific draw order, that will be preserved in the gcode.

Click on individual parts, and use up/down button to reorder item.

  • Allows us to re-order parts in the WAM browser, so we do not have to modify GCode or play with SVG. Simple ANY one can understand see what it’s doing with the cut order preview button without going to an external application.
    <click to reorder example>

Checkbox / slider to close paths with less than <slider> gap.

  • This would close paths that the user believes is closed because previewing the drawing it looks fine, but it would also fix several cut order problems, as well as allow for placing of tabs on the new “fixed” closed paths.

You can hide these features behind an “advanced” menu or something to that affect.

I believe these four features would add a MASSIVE improvement to the user experience cutting projects, and clear up a LOT of common mistakes that your customers are facing.

My wife, and her friend use my machine all the time, and they are perfect examples of glass artists who have VERY limited knowledge of CAD, CAM, and CNC.

As a result I’m regularly troubleshooting issues with various shapes, zero length points, shapes that need to be polylines, tiny gaps, bad cut orders that take seemingly silly paths for the project at hand, etc.

They think they can download any ol’ SVG drop it and cut it… NOPE!!!

Since we’re all forced to use the WAM software to generate the GCODE, we all would learn the tool, and could help each other with the single tool, instead of 30 posts about how to do it in <insert various applications>.


Another thing I learned (By looking @ vscode.dev)
Is that the webbrowser can access a folder…

That means there could be a web tool that if the user is using chrome/ie, they could open a folder of previously saved GCODE files, to QUICKLY preview them all on the web.

Cause the names of what you cut can be a pain if you have hundreds of cuts (like I do). Was this on 2mm glass? Was this metal? Did I offset this?

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I would love to have this as an enhancement, it baffles me that the system doesn’t cut in an organized manner