SVG import error


I’m Baptiste From France, and I try to import SVG into WAM. The SVG keep loading into the navigator. I started to investigate. The web console give me this error:

angular.js:14800 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘toNumber’)
at Object.getSVGScale (wazercam.min.js:2:3192)
at Object.addNewSVGFile (wazercam.min.js:2:3801)
at Object.addFile (wazercam.min.js:4:13912)
at wazercam.min.js:4:16510
at wazercam.min.js:1:28277
at angular.js:20566:31
at completeOutstandingRequest (angular.js:6428:10)
at angular.js:6707:7

I realized that this error comme from the SVG that is declared like this for the global scale:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

viewBox=“0 0 1453 2868”

It’s seems that your application doesn’t accept percentages. And only accept PX and INCH. Is it possible to add european units as I am in France.


Baptiste Denaeyer

Hello @bdenaeyer and Welcome to the Forum! If you would not mind, I would love to take a closer look into the SVG issue you are experiencing. Will you share the SVG file here?

At the moment, I believe the issue is the SVG file you are using is defined as a pixel image, which WAM cannot interpret. WAM can only interpret poly-lines (Nodes and Paths). Please make sure any pixel image within the SVG file is converted into a poly-line. If you let us know what software you are using to design in, we can look up a guide on how to convert pixels to poly-lines.

WAM can interpret inches or mm - please make sure the dimension setting matches in your design software and in the WAM software.

Hi Alex,
Thanks for your quick answer.
According to what you said, I tried to change inch to mm.
Actually I use affinity designer which export svg workspace into percent units. Then I use inkscape to change the workspace in mm and then it works. When I edit the svg with notepad, I have a workspace in ‘mm’ and not in ‘%’. This was the cause of loading indefinitely.



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I am glad to hear the import into WAM was resolved. The workaround you have utilized is great! Inkscape is a tool I am familiar with, but I do not have a lot of knowledge regarding Affinity Designer. I may try taking a look and play with Affinity Designer. Perhaps there is a way to export SVG files as mm from that software, that way Inkscape is not required.

Anyways, I appreciate your troubleshooting and sharing the results with the Forum. I look forward to seeing some of your projects come to life. Happy cutting!

Yes, I have to investigate as well if there is options in affinity that would allowed me not to use Inkscape. I would be more straightforward :wink: