Snowflake drawing in illustrator distorts

I am trying to draw a snowflake in Illustrator, on my mac, to cut on the wazer. I was hoping screen grabs would show up, as I am getting increasingly frustrated trying to get Wam to read the file to look the same as I have drawn. First I tried using the shapes tools and combining, that didn’t work. So then I tried tracing the shape all in points, still doesn’t work. The most frustrating thing is that even straight lines in this shape are not looking the same in Wam. HELP PLEASE! All tips welcome, so long as they stay in Illustrator, I haven’t got time to learn a new software…

Hey ktp, sorry to hear that you running into this issue with WAM.

Most often when your file becomes distorted after being loaded into WAM, it is due to the file being drawn as a shape/object instead of the polylines that WAM needs to accurately interpret your drawing! The page below goes over the exporting procedure to follow when using Illustrator, this should help to avoid this issue.

If you are still seeing issues please reach out to us at and share your file with us so that we can take a closer look!