Setting Different Cut Paths for Different Sections

With the WAM software, are you able to specify different cutting paths for specific parts?

My student is making a remote control pulling tractor frame. He needs the outside of the frame to cut on an outside path, and the interior cuts need to be an inside path. Rather than doing to separate cuts and hoping everything lines up, it would be great to do multiple cut types on one .gcode file to keep the dimensions true.

Is this possible?

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To answer your question directly - No, you cannot create custom cut paths. However, WAM will automatically detect the correct offsets for parts when cutting true to size.

The “Outside Cut Path” option in WAM does what you mentioned - place the offset on perimeter paths on the outside edge while placing the offset on interior paths on the inside edge.


The Outside Cut Path option is my default for 90% of my cuts and will help to achieve a true cut to dimension size.