Cutting multiple pieces with one continuous cut

On other wj machines/software I’m able to lead in from the edge of a piece of material, cut a shape and continue to cut the next shape without stopping, piercing, starting. I can just connect shapes with a continuous cut line.
Is this possible with the Wazer? Everything I know to try gives me a file that WAM seemingly doesn’t know what to do with. (just locks up).


This is a cool idea! If you are trying to achieve this, please keep the cut path to center-line and do not utilize any tabs. Due to the nature of contour line art, the open circuit and unidentifiable offset may cause some difficulty in WAM. Hopefully using the center-line cut path and no tabs will help prevent WAM from forcing itself to crash.

When do you find the software to lock up?

…Your response kinda sounds like you know it won’t work but you don’t want to say it out loud. The open circuit could be closed if we could control cut path v traverse path. It could return to the beginning of the cut at end/after cutting.

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My hesitation is how to fit it within your application. If you share a file or an idea, I can have more to go off of and share more direct next steps. I am not sure where you encountered the lock up or why. It could be due to DXF file or the nature of WAM - it is hard to discern this with the current info I have. Did the lock-up occur when selecting the cut path?

As a fun experiment, I created the below example. It is a gcode file cutting 4 different shapes on a single contour line. There is only one pierce point.

The other concern is this creates 4 shapes that are loose along the surface of the bed. This creates an increased risk of back-flow or cut failure and can also result in lost pieces during cutting.

Contour Line Art Example.gcode (6.7 KB)