New Resources and Support Page!

Hello WAZER family,

We are excited to announce that revamped resource and support pages have come online!

You may ask yourself, why do we need to revamp the webpages?

Over the last 2 years, we have accumulated a lot of support and resource materials. Yet the resource page is essentially unchanged for over 2 years. All these valuable materials are buried away and hardly used.

In the meantime, the original format is also not conducive for all the visitors. We have received 1st hand complaints from you, saying it is hard to navigate or impossible to get what they need.

That is why we have been working on a new layout of the resource page for the past several months.

So, what have we achieved?

Firstly, we separated page functions by “Resources” and “Support”. If you would like to get access to additional resources, such as downloadable manuals, welcome cut files or latest firmware, you may head toward “Resource”. If you have uncertainty about the machine or workflow, you can head toward “Support”.

The structure of the new resource section is flatter and more transparent. Now the resource section starts with simple and straightforward buttons, to quickly guide you through the new pages and lead you to the content you are looking for. All materials are only 2-3 clicks away from the first page.

Moreover, to flatten the learning curve, we have come up with multiple tutorials for each step of the WAZER operation, from the start of product design all the way to material finishes. To tie all the tutorials together, you may practice the techniques by following various guided projects.

If you are looking for support, you may browse the online articles on Self-Support at your own pace, start a post and jump into a discussion with a fellow WAZER friend in the Community Forum, or contact WAZER Tech Support with the buttons at the bottom of every page. All these can be done within 3 clicks from the home page.

Right now, the webpages are alive. Please pay a visit by clicking the links above, and take a quick browse of the webpage and new materials. You can provide instant feedback by clicking the banner on top of every page.

Hope to hear your feedback.

Thank you!