Need help with glass selection

I’m going to try to cut some stained glass but I see there are 2 selections in the materials section, Borosilicate and Soda Lime. I don’t know if stained glass is either one but any help in a selection would be greatly appreciated.


Tom, use the soda lime selection. Regular stained glass is approx 3mm but I’ve found that some of my Bullseye that I cut to be thicker.

Hope this helps.

Hi Tom

Most glass (windows, bottles and jars, art glass including fusing, stained and the majority of lamp working) is soda-lime glass.

Borosilicate, often known as boro is what was originally used in Pyrex cookware (still is in Europe, but I understand US Pyrex is now tempered) but is also used in scientific glass making, such as test-tubes and flasks because of it’s high thermal shock resistance. Some sculptural lampwork artists and marble makers also work with boro in preference to ‘soft glass’ because of the shock resistance means its workable for longer