Looking for the "Wazer" Logo to make a sign for our Wazer Room

Hi Wazer Group,

  • Does anyone have the .DXF file of the “Wazer” stencil logo?

  • I’d like to make a sign for our Wazer Room.



Hey CNC-Joe,

I’ve attached a .dxf that contains the WAZER stencil logo below. This file is similar to the logo plate on the front of the machine.

Share a picture of the sign when you’re finished, I’d love to check it out!

WAZER logo.dxf (199.6 KB)

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Thank You - Greg!
I will share a picture when we are done.
Do you have the whole alphabet?

Thanks again,

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Any chance you guys have the entire alphabet and numbers 0-9 in that font?

Hey guys, sorry I do not have the alphabet or numbers in that stencil font. I believe that file and the WAZER logo were drawn up manually in a CAD program. I’ll ask around and see if there is a font that’s similar.

The “Carknocker” font is pretty close.




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