Error Message: Limits of Machine Detected

A common error message you may experience when running the WAZER is the following:

This error message will appear when the X or Y limit is triggered preemptively. Sometimes this error message can appear when the cutting head has collided with something along the bed, such as a mounting screw, material or a fixturing tool.

Before jumping into troubleshooting the Gantry system, it is good to review the components of the system. Below you can find the locations of all the Gantry Limit Switches, and the Limit Flags that are responsible for contacting the switch at the limit. Please note that the X-Axis is left and right movements and the Y-Axis is the front and rear movements.

In order to quickly test the movements along the gantry, the “Limit Switches” test can be performed in the Input Check menu. The cutting head should move to the rear left corner and then the front right corner in a smooth motion. If there is any stuttering or skipping, there could be some resistance or alignment issues causing the motor to skip along the teeth of the belt.

Before checking alignment and orientation of all the hardware, I recommend checking the system manually first. Move the cutting head manually in every direction and check for the following:

  • When reaching the extent/limit of a direction, does the limit switch make a clicking noise?

If yes, that is a good sign. If not, the flag and limit switches need to be aligned.

  • When moving back and forth across the entire X or Y axis, do you feel any skipping or resistance along the movements?

If yes, the guide rails could use some lubrication to allow the bearings easier movement. Add a very thin layer of grease to the guide rails. If the movements are smooth, the guide rails are in good condition.

When looking into the condition of the hardware, a great place to start will be at the following vital locations:

  • Peek behind the bellows and make sure the limit flag contacts the limit switch when at each of the 4 extents.

  • Check that the belt is routed behind the Idler Pulley on both sides of the X-axis motor inside the cutting block.

  • Finally, make sure the belt tension is set correctly. It is important to note that this is with the tension spring removed from the far right side.

I hope this helps someone having gantry issues or distorted cut issues kick start troubleshooting. These are great starting points to begin this process. Let me know if these make sense or are helpful! If you find the issue to be one of these things, I can go into more details how to resolve it :grin:

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When mine does that it is always because the lines in the back are to tight, I have to pull them out a little bit and over time they slowly go back in and I have to do it again.

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I always forget about the wires, aka the “Whip” bundle. This is a great tip and something to always be on the look out for. Thanks for sharing!

Making sure the length and orientation of the Whip is in good condition will help prevent any issues along the gantry system!