Design software

I am looking at Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer as software to produce cut SVG files for WAM input. Tried Inkscape, but it is not compatible with MacBook Ventura V13. Affinity looks very interesting and does not require subscription although that is not a real consideration. I really want to

  1. Design my cartoon on paper.
  2. Take a Photo (JPEG)
  3. Input to software
  4. Copy (Trace) cartoon sections
  5. Be able to produce SVG files with select parts of cartoon.
  6. part selection will allow me to place the parts with same color in WAM and produce cuts and then feed next part of another color. ie Breaking cartoon up into parts.

I use CorelDraw it works really well for what i do here at work. The engineers send me a DXF I load it in and do a 1 to 1, then I will save it as a CDR. connect the lines as they separated in the conversion to a DXF, finally save it as a SVG.