Aluminum Base plate

By chance do you have a DXF of the base plate?

Hi Yogi

Please let us know what is the base plate you are referring to. Is it the anti-pierce plate at the tank bottom or another part?

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It is the aluminum base plate 0.125 thk . just wondering if you have a drawing or I an make my own drawing. I am trying to get things set up a ready for the new when I get ready to retire. We just did a Venturi cleaning as the left side was blocked some of the cut bed had gotten sucked in and blocked it. So while I was Cleaning that I looked at the plate and thought that that might need replacing someday so I asked about the drawing.

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Hi Yogi,

The anti-pierce plate is not a part that needs to be replaced during maintenance. It will not decay or become weakened over the lifetime of the machine.

In the most unlikely event it got pierced, you may contact WAZER support and they will send in a new anti-pierce plate for free.