Posting in News Section

I can’t post in the news section, @Alex @Greg please help!

The WAZER News section is closed off from public discussion so that it stays focused and so that any new updates from WAZER can easily be seen when you log onto the forum.

Sorry that were not letting you guys talk in there but I’m sure your post will fit into another category. If your unsure of where to post I recommend reading the “About” post pinned to the top of each category, it will go over the intention for that section so that you can expect what you will find in there and see if your post fits!

@MNowicki What Greg said is true.

If you would like to discuss a topic you have discovered in the News section, I highly recommend creating a topic about it in the #general-discussion category.

If you believe turning comments on in the News section could be a valuable feature, please leave some feedback in the #feedback category. Let me know your reasoning and the value gained from it! We want users like yourself to shape and direct the Community Forum :slightly_smiling_face: