Material on bed placement

New to the Wazer at our school. If you have a piece of metal that is the dimensions needed, how do you place it onto the bed accurately so that you can cut out a hole in a precise location? Thanks

Use the grid on the cutting surface. Each block is 3" x 3", so align your work with the WAM software.
Sadly, there is no way to align the work using the head, similar to what you can do on a laser.

As for fixturing, there have been several great recommendations lately. I have seen someone saying they use a thin sheet of G10 (Garolite) to create a sort of alignment grid.

I use either Acrylic or a thin sheet of aluminum to create a fixed stop. I attach it very well to the bed, cut an L shape big enough for my workpiece, then bank my work on that. So long as you hold the fixture in place, it’s pretty repeatable. I use a 3d-printed shim similar to a toe clamp to hold my workpiece.

Good luck!


I feel like I may not have answered your question effectively.

Lets say you have a 4x6 part that you want to cut a hole in the center of. Create a cut program with a sheet of metal or plastic attached very well to the bed. Cut the basic outline of your part, using the top left corner as your origin in your CAD software. Then, use the exact same origin for your actual cut.

So, place a very small line at the top left corner of the part, and create the feature in the same DXF file. The DXF file will be aligned in the same corner as your fixture cut, and you should be able to load in the part by banking it in the groove you cut.

I really hope this makes sense. I’ve had a long day. lol

Thanks, I will try that.