Make simple test jig boxes with WAZER

Sometimes we need boxes to contain our electronics for test jigs, this project is used to verify if I can make this kind of boxes in house with WAZER.

The material is 6mm thick black Phenol formaldehyde resins (PF), because there’s no PF in WAM so I selected 6mm HDPE in WAM.

Plates were riveted together, so I don’t need to tap threads. To determine the length of rivets: T1 + T2 + Dx1.5, so 6mm+1mm+3x1.5 = 11.5mm. M3x12mm rivets were used. All holes for rivets are 3.5mm.

Brackets were cut with 1mm thick Aluminium, bent with pliers.


Welcome to the forum @Atommann . Great example project of how you can use the machine whenever needed to finish up a workshop/lab project!

Nice build. We use this machine for parts we can’t find all the time. I remember looking for days to find a washer in a medical application. Two sheets of metal to sandwich the part and adjusting the Cerf took only a couple of hours.

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