List of supported Abrasive Media


The Barton HPA80 Abrasive Media is in short supply in Canada. Is there a list of supported abrasive media type and brands exists, so we can use it to cross-reference with in stock products ?

The S & H Industries 40126 is looking very similar to Barton’s product for example.

Thanks !

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Welcome to the Forum ssardaryan! Currently we do not have a list of abrasives that are known to work well with the WAZER, we recommend sticking with Barton HPA 80 Mesh if possible. This is the abrasive that was used to calibrate the WAZER and we know it will perform well.

Although we have not done enough testing to recommend an alternative abrasive, other users in the community may know of abrasives that work well for them! When choosing an alternative abrasive there are several things to look for including mesh size, grain distribution, chemical composition, etc. Reach out to support with some information on the abrasive you would like to use and they will help to determine if it is a good fit for the WAZER!

Hello @ssardaryan and Welcome to the WAZER Forum! Everything that Greg has said is true, but I want to point you to some other specific Barton suppliers in the region that may have more supply.

We recommend running Barton Alltek HPA 80 Mesh as much as possible. This is the abrasive which the WAZER and WAM is calibrated to. Using other abrasives is certainly possible, but without specific information we cannot be sure how it will react within the WAZER.


Thanks a lot for the info. Unfortunately Spark and Co brushed me off, pretty much pointing to the door once they heard I’m not going to be a 100000000kg/day buyer from them. The material is in short supply, so we prioritize our existing customers. You can apply for an account with us, etc etc etc.
It is true that we are not operating the machine in a large scale, so can’t blame them. The shortage is real.

Any chance that we can purchase abrasive directly from you ? 3-4 buckets will get us going until we figure the situation out locally.

Thanks !

So small update.

We have received the alternative blast media : ALC #40126
It is virtually indistinguishable with Barton under the microscope. Same composition, size and shape. Machine performance is identical. We have not noticed any difference. carries it with 8-10 days lead time.

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Hey @ssardaryan, sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been having while looking for abrasive. The abrasive purchased from our website will ship directly from Barton so unfortunately we cannot provide abrasive any quicker.

Its good to hear that you’ve found another abrasive that is easier to source. We took a look and this does seem like it may be a good fit for the WAZER, but could not find any information on the grain size distribution. How has this abrasive performed with your WAZER? Have you had any issues while running it?