Is there a Software SDK to extend Wazer functionality?

It would be nice to get a Wazer phone app that gives me an alert if the hopper is empty, drain filter is clogged, job is finished, etc., as I am often away doing something else, and come back to realize that it has been paused for a while.

If there is a SDK to the Wazer Controller USB interface, maybe the community can create a small app and a RaspberryPi to get updates of the cutting status on the phones?

  1. Non-invasive method: Mount a camera on the top of the LCD screen, connect it to a computer, the software do OCR and read/match the keywords.
  2. A host computer can read the status of the machine via the serial or USB port. This needs the support from the controller firmware side. Kinda like the Modbus protocol.

I’ve been thinking about hooking up a camera as well as a microphone, and alerting based on sound or movement. (Abrasive flow issues sound VERY distinct.)

But honestly once the pinch valve was replaced, it’s a non-issue.

But yeah, out of the box would be AWESOME. (Now I wanna plug in and see what is coming out of the box… hrm)