Gas Struts on lid

Has anyone had any success with their lid staying up? The struts appear worn which is understandable if the seals are getting cut with abrasive, but, the new replacements don’t appear to be an improvement either. Has anyone found a suitable replacement strut that is interchangeable with a higher Force rating?

I am full agreement with the struts. I am currently using a prop to hold it up. I need two of them as well. I think the sand is ruining the seal.

Mine were bad when I got them last December. I opened a ticker the the Wazer tech support folks got new one out then same day and I received them in a couple. He told me that they had few that were not caught in QC. The tech support is really good and responsive.

Mine were bad when I got my used wazer and replaced the struts with ones I found on eBay. They are pretty good but I hard to find in stainless steel. These we’re about 90% stainless and there is a small amount of rust on them after a year