Cutting porcelain floor tiles?

I’m thinking of buying a Wazer later this year for a house renovation project and wanted to ask if my idea is feasible.

What I would like to do is cut 1/4" thick floor tiles from glazed and fired porcelain. I would be making small tiles for tessellated patterns as well as large format tiles that resemble stone.

Do you think it is possible to cut this thick/this type of material in a feasible time to tile several rooms? My hope is that the precise tolerances of waterjet cutting will mean that only a very slim grout line is required, plus I can precisely control their appearance

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Hey Stefan welcome to the Forum,

The WAZER can definitely cut Porcelain tile, there’s a setting for 3/8" Porcelain tile in the materials database for it! See the picture below for the cut rate settings for this thickness, but please note that your 1/4" thick tiles will be able to be cut quicker with the settings dialed in.

The kerf of the waterjet will be different between materials and thicknesses, but will be around 0.044" wide and should give you a nice fit with minimal grout lines.

Check out this project that was done by one of our Interns, he used 3/8" stone to make a game board. This might give you a good idea of how your WAZER cut pieces will come together for your tessellated patterns.

Also, a better spot for this topic may be in the #general-discussion section. I’ve gone ahead and moved it to that location. Check out the “About” post in each section to see what kind of posts can be found there!

Looking forward to seeing the tile patterns you cut with the WAZER!